7 Secrets To Start A Successful Investment in 2019

Whether you want to invest in stocks, currencies, Online Business Course, precious metals or any kind of investment, you have to realize that getting returns from investment is not always guaranteed, and that there are several risks associated with investing.

Here are Seven Secrets To Start A Successful Investment in 2019 that are most important according to expert opinions, try to follow what you can to achieve the growth of your investment.

How to start a successful investment in 2019

Successful Investment

Successful Investment

1. Invest in an area when someone else is willing

The first of these tips is to follow the famous advice of one of the world’s richest men, Warren Buffett (who estimated his personal net worth about $50 billion in 2008), “not following fashionable trends.”

She explained that this advice is to invest in a field when no one else is willing, you should not buy what is popular and desirable and try to do well, as do the general public when they want to invest in shares when everyone invests, That a particular stock is desirable or gains for its holders does not necessarily mean that a good deal to buy.

In the first advice, the study stressed the importance of following up the investor and monitoring the market carefully and to integrate his research and ideas with expectations, because the blind accompaniment of the choices of senior investors and trends of the market and analysts may be a very dangerous idea, noting that there are shares and investments are popular can buy when ready to fall , In which case opportunities are not as good as they seem at first sight.

2. Find good companies that are going through bad times

According to the study, the second advice is the need to search for good companies that are going through bad times. The company may be in a temporary stage in which stock prices fall because of an emergency event, but since the company’s financial situation is good and based on solid foundations there is a great chance that the stock will bounce back and return. To gradually rise ยป.

Apple’s chief executive officer, Steve Jobs, made it clear when he returned to the company for the second time in 1997, when the company suffered serious problems (net loss of $ 161 million in the fourth quarter of the same year) , And with its vision and continued launch of some innovative products successful, Apple’s net profit rose dramatically to $ 4.31 billion by the fourth quarter of 2010, noting that investors who took the opportunity to buy shares at low prices when Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 made big gains unless they decided to sell at a time Very cr.

3. Be patient and think about investing in the long term

“The third advice for those who want to invest is to be patient and think long term, because patience is the key to success in investing, and investors should not expect immediate profits, and their investment should often be long-term,” he said. In the case of Apple, investors were waiting for more than a decade to get huge returns, and when some sold quickly to get a good profit they missed the opportunity to gain more, because they were not aware that stock prices can continue to Height”.

4. Do not put all your money into one investment

“It is a common mistake for investors to put all the eggs in one basket,” he said. “So the fourth investment advice stressed the need not to place all the money invested by the investor in one investment. “The investor should be a good investment portfolio to protect his investments from sudden crises by diversifying investments and distributing them in several areas, so as to avoid risks by reducing reliance on one area.” He pointed out that “during the recent collapse of global markets, All the same for many reasons. While real estate stocks suffered heavily, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods shares suffered a marginal decline only, while technology stocks gained because of their superior innovation in new products. ”

5. Select an investment plan and work hard to achieve it

According to the fifth recommendation of the study, the investor must build the investment plan and work very hard because without a good investment plan, a strong portfolio or a strong understanding of the markets in which the investor will suffer in order to achieve success, stressing the importance of keeping the investor closely following the conditions The current market, and to develop a good investment plan commensurate with the goals and objectives clear to him, using expert guidance and views in the plan, but the condition that the investor to work himself through research before becoming involved in large investments.

6. Do not get involved in investing with borrowed funds

The study warned that a person who wants to invest or invest in what he can not afford to borrow will show that it is necessary to follow the rule of investing only in money set aside for the money you need in your life and your family. Any interest you have in life, and indicated that the interest on a personal loan or on a credit card from which funds can be withdrawn to start an investment is imperative to repay, while profit on investment for borrowed money is not so, as the loan interest may increase on the yield sometimes .

7. Use experts to help you make an investment decision

“There are a lot of other investment keys that those who want to invest should study in the field of investment, so they do not have to do it on their own. They can use the experts and financial advisors to help them make the right investment decision.” Specialists in the various fields of investment through communication with the Parallel Profits Website to build an investment plan and exchange views on investment opportunities.

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7 Secrets To Start A Successful Investment in 2019
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